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When I created the MathPots, I got a lot of free resources and help. There are always some great people sharing the great resources in the world. And all you need to do is to mention them.

Most of the resources I have remarked under the article. The others that I can’t remark promptly, I will write here. Thanks for these providers. Hope that the chain of sharing will not be broken. Make the world better!

((I’ll keep the article updated))

Thanks to the people:

♦ The icon of the categories(Menu) icon:
Made by Freepik from Flaticon and remade by Alex.

♦ The titlebar of old pot ower(this is Taipei 101, the well-known land mark in Taiwan):
Made by tingyaoh from Pixabay 

♦ The background of each article’s titlebar:
(The author didn’t remark the place. There seems to be the Guishan Island in the distance, so I think the picture might be taken in Yilan.)
Made by DesignNPrint from Pixabay

♦ Featured picture of this article:
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♦ The logo of MathPots is made by material from Flaticon and designed by Alex.
The list of the creators:
FreepikdDaraVitaly GorbachevEucalypPixel perfectsripfjstudio

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