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There used to be some people have math pots, too.
Even if their pots are old, they can still cook something good.

“Math can be tasty, just cook it!”

MathPots established in 2020, dedicated to make math be delicious.


0.999999…..=1? 0.9bar anniversary celebration every year!

0.999999….. = 1? This problem is brought up in the folks for a round of debate almost every year, and it may be a bit boring to those who have been in mathematics-related clubs or groups for a long time. The frequency of appearance makes people think... it is the 0.9bar anniversary. XD The craze is gradually passing, and Shuzhike is also here to challenge fried cold rice today, to see if it can make a taste that is suitable for all ages.

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[calculus]The example of ε-δ definition problem

In the last meal [calculus]The clarification of ε-δ definition, we knew the actual meaning of \(\varepsilon -\delta\) definition. This time we are going to use it. In this dish, I will show you the basic problem in \(\varepsilon -\delta\) definition. Hope to make you understand clearly!

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[Calculus] Basic question types defined by ε-δ

In the clarification of the concept of the definition of ε-δ in the previous course [Calculus], we know the actual meaning of the definition of ε-δ. Now that we know the definition, this time we're going to put it into practice. In this dish, the basic question types are proposed, hoping to give you a clearer understanding.

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Although Taiwan is a small country, there is a lot of great people in Taiwan. It's a shame that I don't introduce these people and website to you.
If you have free time, you must visit their website!

When I created the MathPots, I got a lot of free resources and help. There are always some great people sharing the great resources in the world.

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