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I used to think that the channel about academic which is specialized and advanced should be very rigid and rare. But I was wrong.The reason I found this channel is that someone asked in the FB community:

“Hey, can you recommend some math video or teaching channel to me, thanks.”

In addition to some university open courses, the following message has mysterious answers:

“3B1B nice”
“You can see 3B1B!”

What????? What are you talking about? Is this the new Morse code? I was not interested in this kind of topic, but too curious so I threw “3B1B” to google to search. I was so surprised that I haven’t heard this excellent channel before even I majored in mathematics in college. It’s also because of 3B1B so that I have found several great YouTubers. In fact, if you search well on YouTube, you can find many great channels. Even if are bad in foreign language, you mus try. It will take you into another world and broaden you.


The first I want to introduce is 3Blue1Brown. After all, it is the benefactor for me that open up my version.

This channel is created by Grant Sanderson. The content of this channel is focus on advanced mathematics. As a result, high school student or college student or above who have mature mathematical concepts would be more rewarding. The videos include linear algebra, calculus, neural networks, etc. Grant presents these topic with a visual perspective. Although the video is long (about 30 minutes in the early days, it seems to be about 1 hours recently), the visual effects often make us forget the passage of time.

Oh, by the way, the name, 3Blue1Brown, reference the color of Grant’s right eye, which has sectoral heterochromia, as is me myself. Knowing this information makes me feeling cordial!

You can go to its website: 3blue1brown

Stand-up Math

The Channel, Stand-up Math, is created by Matthew Thomas Parker. Matthew is an Australian, also a recreational mathematician and comedian. 

Recreational mathematics, a word that I saw the first time because of Matt. As you see, it is mathematics carried out for entertainment rather than as a strictly research, like puzzles or mathematical games. Recreational mathematics usually don’t require knowledge of advanced mathematics, so it can easily arouse people’s curiosity about math. The famous topics are magic cube, fractal, origami, etc. You can refer to the explanation on Wikipedia – Recreational mathematics.

After knowing the recreational mathematics, I believe you also know the tone of  Recreational mathematics. Matthew always invites you to experience the fun of math with vivid expressions and exaggerated tone in Stand-up Math. The videos are all within 30 minutes, easily to watch, and everyone can participate!

Do you think the name is familiar? Matthew is also the author of the best-selling book – Humble Pi!

Humble Pi

I will keep this article updated…

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