Some great math websites in Taiwan

Although Taiwan is a small country, there is a lot of great people in Taiwan. I’m also working hard to keep up the pace of them. They are the people with selfless spirit that I look up to. It’s a shame that I don’ t introduce these people and website to you.
If you have free time, you must visit their website!

I will keep this article updated.

Math for everyone

數感實驗室 Numeracy Lab

Numeracy Lab was founded on April, 2016. Their purpose is to make the general public “see the math”. This is also the target of mine! Numeracy Lab not only has an interest name, but has a outstanding design on their posts. They are an excellent group and think out of the box. I think they might put their main force on the fan page in Facebook. You can see article with high quality every day, just follow them!


It is said that ” 非想非非想” is a kind of religion language, pretty much interesting, right? This is a website for general public. The disscussion about art and games are worth reading. However it seems to have not been updated since 2018.

Math for 1th to 9th grade


This is a website for the student made by math teacher, 李信昌. The design of the website might seem out of style, but it’s full of interesting content. It has clear categories to make you easily find what you want. Like the exercise of math, the competition of math, the game about math, the software, and the other resource, etc. You can definitely satisfy your curiosity. Especially the website is for student in 1th to 9th grade, so you can easily understand the content even if you haven’t read math for a long time. 

Math for high school or above


The target audience of this website is very clear – for the people who is interested in linear algebra. I think the experience will be much amazing if you were an high school graduate student or above. The author has classified the topics into different level. You can consider your ability to get the direction to pick the suitable article. Though it seems had not updated since 2017,it has cosiderable amount of article. You can definitely enjoy it.


I think the author of this blog go with the flow. There are many categories, but some of them are likely abandoned. It had not been updated since 2018. But I think it still worth a read.


The blog positioning is interesting. I thought it is a website of school, but it’s not. The author has written a long time  since 2017, and still kept the article updated recently. This blog is very suitable for the reader who wants more exercise to practice.

Math Pro 數學補給站

Math Pro is a forum for math. Just so you know, forum used to be a popular place that everyone would share their thought. But it is no loger flourishing as before. The disscussion board for high school is much more lively in contrast to other board.

Math application


This application is also mentioned in the article [Some great math websites in other countries]. (You may find that the introduction in both sides are the same. XDD)Have you heard about GeoGebra before? Actually until I wrote this introdution I found that there is an online version for GeoGebra. I used to use it as an software by downloading to the computer. GeoGebra provides a user-friendly interface. The only thing you need is basic math concepts, and then learn how to use GeoGebra and do some practice. Most impotant of all, Unlike teachers has to draw the graph on the black board in the past, GeoGebra has high interactivity. The graph on the black board cannot be changed esily, and some are drawn uglily by teachers. The same graph drawn by GeoGebra can be changed as you want, and much prettier and more precise. No matter who you are, GeoGebra can be the best application.
I suggest that you can use (or just play) this kind of application whenever you have any idea.  In the past day, we need to draw all of graph by ourselves. Now, we can spend less time doing the trivial stuff and get more time to focus on your own idea.

Math book review


This is a page for the student who major in mathematics. It often cost more time and energy to study the books in oringinal language. This page lists every popular math textbooks, and for each book there are short book reviews from different people. Though the numbers of reviewers are less than I expected, the reviews still have reference value. This page would be very helpful for the people who study on their own.

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