MathPots Founding Story​​

Alex is not a strong person, and his grades in school were not very good before. From a person who likes mathematics very much, to a person who hated mathematics in high school, but found that mathematics is always inexplicably attractive to him after leaving school. In the process of this transformation, I found that mathematics is not bad at all, you just need to change the seasoning. So Alex has a small dream, to build a website about mathematics, write all the mathematics he knows here, maybe people who are as confused as Alex once will see it, then we can discuss how to make mathematics become delicious!

In fact, the original names here are very boring, such as "Mathematics Garden", "Alex's Mathematics", "Mathematics Blog" and other names that you would not want to click on at first sight. But the night when I was thinking of the name, I was suddenly very hungry and wanted to eat hot pot, so "Cauldron of Numbers MathPots’ And so it was born. In fact, Caldron is more accurate in English, while Pot is more like a pot or a teapot. But whatever,Cauldron of Numbers MathPots"Sounds like mouth-washing and youthfulness!"

The things I want to make with the cauldron of numbers are...


This part of the topic is mainly written for the general public, to understand the mathematics that will be seen in life, so that mathematics can naturally become a part of life, and it is also a project that Alex hopes to complete well.

In school, the kind of math that gets a little nasty. It is divided into elementary, high school and college mathematics (or other higher mathematics), and the levels are divided slightly, so that guests who come here can choose the suitable theme!

street food

Mathematics and computer family! This category is considered Alex's main project. I hope that through good dishes (articles), guests can integrate mathematics and computer science well!

The development of mathematics in history has a long history, through Alex's spatula...

chai buey

and something about the cauldron of numbers


There is also an IG in the cauldron of numbers

Alex knows that there are very few people who just browse the website now, so he also helped Shuzhike create an IG. However, in order to maintain the integrity of the article, IG is mainly used to notify or share trivial things. Remember to come to the website through IG to read the most complete article.
Click "Cauldron of Numbers MathPots"After connecting to IG, press the follow button!


Authentic ingredients

I hereby declare that all the contents of the Cauldron of Numbers were created by Alex himself. If there is a reference website or reference book, it must be noted below the article. In addition, if shared resources are used, the author or source will also be noted.
So if Alex uses something that doesn't mark the original author or discovers that the article of Shuzhikeka has been stolen, please write to Alex!


angry kitchen

Alex's daily speech is not eloquent, and of course he can't pretend to be eloquent in the cauldron of numbers. The articles here are usually very vernacular (maybe sometimes cynical or a lot of nonsense?) in order to let you relax and taste mathematics. If there are places that are too difficult to understand or unclear, please let me know!

You can also contribute to the cauldron of numbers

From website construction, article writing, and even web design, Shuzhike has been built and operated by Chef Alex alone.

If you think Kazu no Kama is a good place, you are very welcome to ask Chef Alex for a glass of beer!

These small grants will make the Cauldron even better!

Still have questions?

Then ask Alex directly orderBar!

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